Phillip Sherwood // Los Angeles, CA

Phillip Sherwood has been a dear friend to Tommy and I since high school. We're always proud to watch loved ones do incredible things and so it was a privilege to put together Phillip's film bio and shoot some portraits. Phillip has worked on all kinds of projects from music videos to feature length films. He recently co-produced Old Fashioned which will come out in theatres on Valentines Day, 2015. I've linked the trailer below. But first, here's the bio Tommy and I put together for Phillip:

At the age of eight, Phillip Sherwood's fingers found a home atop the 88 keys of his family piano. There, he explored the emotional beats and themes that drive all works of art--cadence, crescendo, staccato, tone and rest, taking silver and gold medals at the young artist competition, Musicfest Northwest. With that musical base, he leapt into the visual medium of film, finding those familiar beats and themes on the screen.
As an up and coming editor, Sherwood says that it has been his father, a counter-cultural-garden-growing-school-teacher, who has most influenced his craft, introducing him to the world of music through artists like Tom Petty, Annie Lennox, and Hans Zimmer. With his father's same melancholy manner and perfectionistic nature, Sherwood carves out stories and scenes by coming at them from every possible angle--not just music--at times even turning off all sound when cutting: no music, no dialogue. He says that sometimes there is a better way in silence, and if you fight to have a scene play without the crutch of music, the final cut will be that much better.
Phillip Sherwood is based outside of Los Angeles, California. He possesses solid artistic sensibilities, technical proficiency, and keen emotional sensitivity. "He knows when to give, when to take and when (and how) to keep on pushing to make something as good as it can be," says writer and director Rik Swartzwelder. "He is a rare creature in this industry and is poised to make a significant impact as a storyteller and human being."