Tyler and Joelle // Rosario Head, WA

Joelle and Tyler's wedding day started with a soft rain (beautiful coastal mist!) and to the quiet sound of coffee dripping into a pot for a house full of girls. I was honored that the bridal party made room for me to stay with them in the seaside vacation rental. You hear the truest stories when you're on the inside. It's a rule of life, not just photographing weddings. Everyone wakes up with their hair unbrushed and says funny morning things. All the true moments emerge! One person I fell in love with was Joelle's mom. She is genuine, smart, creative and thoughtful. She spent part of the morning on her knees in the grass under the old cedar tree arranging the ferns and sticks and flowers she'd gathered in order to make Joelle's bouquet. It was the first picture I took of the day. I saw her there calm and not posing--and it moved me. Maybe that's the sugar/honey of a really good photo. When your idea--your framing, the light you're after--is motivated by a feeling/story and connected to your heart. The ocean, the forest, the family and friends--and the love between Tyler and Joelle...it truly moved me and I'm so happy to have shared in these moments.