Kristina, Lin & Aloha

Kristina and Lin's wedding was one of a kind and full of details celebrating both old Victorian and tropical Hawaiian themes. 4,000 plumeria. A pup in a tux. Vintage Hawaiian postcards. Floral Vans on the bride's dancing feet. As inspiring as the details were, it was the couple's kindness and love for their guests that stuck with me after all the photographing was done. I've never seen kids gravitate to a bride like they did to Kristina. She spent most of the night's celebration dancing with 5-15 year-olds under strings of lights. It was beautiful. And as the bubbles fell over their exit, all the wonder and love of the day was wrapped up perfectly. Tommy and I were so, so honored to shoot Kristina's wedding. She was the first one to hire me as a wedding photographer--knowing I didn't have a single wedding under my belt at that time. What trust and what a gift! Thank-you Lin and Kristina for sharing your love! <3