WHERE ARE YOU BASED? DO YOU TRAVEL? I'm based out of eastern Washington, but travel--yes! 

DO YOU SHOOT ELOPEMENTS? Absolutely! Deep in the forest, at the edge of the ocean, on a mountain side--I'm in.

WHAT IS YOUR SHOOTING STYLE? I am drawn to candid, natural feelings in photos. Each couple is composed of two unique humans which means that you as a couple have their own sweet dynamic that I aim to identify and capture. Some couples are giggly. Some are sweet and quiet. Some like to play/frolic/adventure, and others rock those powerful, quiet moments that make images come alive as well. What I'm saying is--I want you to be YOU in your photos. I'll be there for it.

WHO IS YOUR IDEAL CLIENT? My dream clients are those who value photography, make time for it, and want to create alongside me! Getting incredible photos starts from the moment you start planning your wedding. It starts when you invite your sweet great-grandma to the celebration, when you decide to wear your mom's veil, when you plan for a first look at your favorite overlook, when you make time to connect with your guests. So much of what makes photos powerful is the effort you put into preparing for them. I am 100% willing to brainstorm about how to make that happen in the context of a wedding day! Let's chat. 

DO YOU BLOG ALL YOUR WEDDINGS? NoI don’t. I hope to get better at that! Being a mama to a 1-year old means I'm constantly measuring where spend my time! I share a lot of current work on Instagram though, and as a part of the process I always share full-wedding galleries with potential clients so you can see exactly what I deliver. Just email me for those!

DO YOU USE BACKUPS? I always bring backup gear in case something stops working (heaven forbid)! Also, each shot is recorded immediately to two memory cards which is just another way of protecting your memories from the moment they happen.

WHEN WILL WE RECEIVE OUR IMAGES? No later than 12 weeks after your wedding--almost always much sooner.

WHAT ARE YOUR RATES? Wedding coverage starts at $2,900. Whatever you need, I’m happy to talk it through with you. Shoot me an email or give me a call!

DO YOU OFFER PACKAGES WITH A SECOND SHOOTER? Yes, I do! Tommy and I shoot as a husband-wife team as much as possible. To have two angles and two cameras to capture the plethora of emotion happening all at once--more special moments captured.

WHAT EQUIPMENT DO YOU USE?  I shoot on two 5D Mark IIIs and a collection of prime lenses that I love. I spend most of the wedding shooting with the 50 and 35mm lenses.

HOW MANY HOURS SHOULD I HIRE YOU FOR? Unless you're planning a smaller, more intimate gathering, I recommend booking at least 8 hours. Letting your wedding day unfold slowly pays gorgeously when it comes to your photos. There is so much artistic potential in a well-paced wedding! I love helping clients put together the timeline for their day that allows time to document in a way I'll be proud of!

HOW WILL WE RECEIVE OUR PHOTOS? I deliver 400-600 high-resolution edited images via an online gallery. You'll receive a link and this link will be yours for one year. You can share it with friends and family and download images at any point during that time. 

WE LIKE WHAT WE SEE, NOW WHAT? Let’s chat! Don’t be shy! Let's start the conversation and see if it's a fit!