Most Hilarious First Look

These two cracked me up! Missy (the bride) told me that Kevin had been on the fence about the big-fancy-wedding-thing. She said he really wasn't the center-of-attention-type and would've been happy for something where there wouldn't be 200 sets of eyes on him. Missy, being one of the most thoughtful people on earth, wanted the occasion to be something that Kevin would enjoy too, and when the idea came up of having the wedding at the zoo, she knew Kevin would get excited about that--I mean, what better place for biology teacher and Master of Science to have his wedding?! They fed the giraffes during their portraits and there was animal hour during the reception. It was all so fitting!

Missy also said that she wanted to do something that would make Kevin laugh at the first look. She planned to attached a Mr. Bean mask (the title character in Kevin's favorite British sitcom) to a fancy bridal veil. She'd surely blow him away with her wedding-day look! She let her girls in on her plan before heading out and of course they all were dying at her plan. Missy zipped the Mr. Bean-mask into her orange duffle bag and headed to the zoo to meet Kevin. The pictures really tell the rest of the story! Ha! I need to share this entire wedding day at some point because it was all so unique and sweet, but for now, have you ever seen such a hilarious first look?